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Best Online Course for Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Marketing

Introduction :

So you want to learn and start Affiliate Marketing?

But you don’t know where to begin?

Or maybe you are at the beginning of your online journey and are looking for the best resource?

Wealthy Affiliate review will help you in deciding if this is the best online course for affiliate marketing & training program for you!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Best Online Course For Affiliate Marketing - Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive online learning center that provides training and coaching for people who want to learn affiliate marketing.

With courses available on SEO, WordPress, blogging, affiliate marketing and more they can help you become an expert at your craft and begin making money online.

While there’s no denying that Wealthy Affiliate is a valuable resource.

What we’re concerned with here is whether or not you can actually make any money following their training.

Keep reading for our complete review of WA and learn whether or not it’s worth signing up!

What’s In The Program?

Wealthy Affiliate is a great starting point for beginners and experienced Internet marketers alike.

The platform has over 500 step-by-step training videos that explain how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch and achieve financial freedom.

Members also have access to some of the best Internet Marketing tools available in 2022.

Wealthy Affiliate’s main focus is on making sure that members understand every aspect of building a successful online business, by providing guidance as well as educational resources in one convenient place.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, then I highly recommend that you give Wealthy Affiliate a try!

How Much Does It Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join and use as a Starter Member. Where you can start your own free website.

You can also earn commissions off your affiliate sales, but you’ll need a Pro account for that ($49/month).

The free membership does offer benefits including

  • Video courses
  • Live webinars and
  • Access to premium support from experienced affiliates.

If you’re serious about starting an online business, Wealthy Affiliate might be a good fit for you.

However, if you’re just looking to make some extra money with a side hustle, Wealthy Affiliate may not be worth it.

Before joining, check out some of these alternatives that can teach you everything from coding to freelance writing skills.

Then decide if Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time.

Does WA Actually Work?

This is a question many people are asking and with good reason.

Today, there are more online marketing courses than ever before and Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just one of them; they’re one of the most popular.

More than 2 million people have already signed up to learn how to be successful at affiliate marketing on their platform.

That’s not a small number by any means, but is WA actually worth your time and money or is it just another pyramid scheme that will rip you off?

As always, we took an unbiased look into their entire business model and provided our honest review.

We hope you find what you need!

Why I Love WA

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community made up of people just like you and me, who are looking to achieve success through building successful websites.

However, in Wealthy Affiliate there is one big difference.

It’s completely free to join.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re not making money.

If you want my honest opinion on Wealthy Affiliate then keep reading.

Pros. and Cons. of WA

Pros. – Wealthy Affiliate is a great affiliate marketing course if you want to learn step-by-step how to get started in affiliate marketing.

The company offers high quality training and support, which is more than can be said for many other courses.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that Wealthy Affiliate does cost money — monthly dues of $49 for premium membership, where they provide :


1) Certification Core Training: Level 1-5 (50 lessons)

2) Bootcamp Core Training: Level 1-7 (70 lessons)

3) 1000+ Training Modules

4) All Levels Core Training

5) 52+ Expert Classes Per Year


1) Intermediate Website & Hosting – Package ($100/m value)

2) Website Builder

3) 10 Premium Websites

4) Enhanced Hosting Security

5) Free SSL

6) Daily Backup

7) Hacking prevention

8) Site Speed Extreme Caching

9) 24/7 Managed

10) 24/7 Site Support

11) Google Pagespeed Optimized

12) DDos Protection

13) Image Optimization

14) Dual Server Hosting Redundancy

15) Amazon Web Services (AWS)

16) Instant DNS

17) Host Owned Domains

18) 250,000 Monthly Visits

19) Website Engagement Platform

20) Site Content Publishing Platform

21) Duplicate Content Checker


1) Unlimited 24/7 Live Help

2) Unlimited Questions & Answers

3) Private Messaging

4) Personal Blog & Profile

5) Unlimited Community Communication

6) Feedback Platform


1) Jaaxy Lite Keyword Research Tool ($19/m value)

2) Unlimited Keyword Searches

3) Manual Competition Analysis

4) Keyword Idea Generation (390 results)

5) 2x Multi-Threaded Search

6) 2,000 Site Rank Analysis Scans

7) Domain Availability Search

8) Enhanced Affiliate Program Search

9) Communicate with Merchants

or you can pay one-time fee for 1 year $458 premium membership. (2 months Free)

Cons. – If you’re looking for a budget option, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for you.

Still, if you are able to commit to paying a premium price tag, you will have access to much of what there is offer at Wealthy Affiliate; that’s definitely worth something!


Wealthy Affiliate is one of my favorite places to teach newbies how to market online.

While many other sites make marketing seem hard, here you’ll find simple step-by-step videos and tutorials that walk you through every aspect of starting a business online.

They are so open and honest about what they can offer their members that it almost seems like they’re making it up as they go!

With their low price tag, great support and lots of training materials, Wealthy Affiliate should be your first stop on your affiliate marketing journey.

5 thoughts on “Best Online Course For Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi Prashant, 

    A few years ago, I tried affiliate marketing, but things were just not working out for me as I had no previous knowledge and the platforms I was on really didn’t go the extra mile to help us either. Eventually, I just gave up. 

    Thanks for sharing this information with us, now that I know there are so many courses and lessons I can be taught, I am going to give it another chance. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start!

  2. I think that the monthly subscription of WA is very low compared to some other online programs I have seen and in comparison WA offers so much more. Yes, if you look only at the number it may seem high for some but you always have to look what is on offer when judging a price and in this I think there is no competition. WA is hands down the best affiliate market program to date.

    • Absolutely right Stratos.

      Affiliate marketing is a huge industry and it can be tough to find the perfect place to learn it. However, when I started searching for the perfect platform, I quickly found Wealthy Affiliate. Their training content is easy to follow and they offer everything a new affiliate marketer could need.

      Thanks for sharing valuable thought on my article “Best Online Course For Affiliate Marketing”.

  3. To be able to start building your own website for free is simply phenomenal. Training itself can cost  much money. Your list of items that this program provides is simply impressive and you have stated that the education is given in such a way that makes it easy to learn. The extensive support system that is in place must be an exceptional asset; if they provide the kind of honest help and kind consideration to make newcomers feel welcome and supported. With the training, support, possible websites, and the research this site offers; it sounds very impressive and so why not give it a chance with no initial cost?

    • Many people are hesitant to learn about online business. They worry that it will be difficult to understand and even more difficult to earn a living. But, the truth is that online learning is much easier than you may think and it is a lucrative career choice.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers high-quality training for beginners, as well as more advanced courses for more experienced learners and as I experienced here Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best education platform to learn from scratch to higher level.

      Thanks for spending your valuable time for commenting this article, “Best Online Course For Affiliate Marketing


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