Get your Affiliate Marketing Keywords with Free and Paid Tools

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Free and Paid Keyword Research Tool

Introduction :

Finding How to Get your Affiliate Marketing Keywords with Free and Paid Tools can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to affiliate marketing.

If you pick the wrong keywords, you’ll waste time and money promoting products that won’t bring in any sales.

If you find the right ones, however, then you’ll be able to drive huge amounts of traffic with ease and make big profits from what you do manage to sell.

The problem with finding those profitable keywords is that there are hundreds of them, many of which have already been taken, so it can be hard to find them all before somebody else does.

So here am going to mention best tools to get your affiliate marketing keywords.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Understanding how affiliate marketing works is key to using paid keyword tools.

Essentially, you work as a salesperson for another company’s product. When someone clicks on an affiliate link in your content, that person completes a purchase, which earns you a commission.

The site might give you some training about how to use its products before sending traffic their way, but often it’s on you to learn about what does or doesn’t work for that particular product.

There are many free tools available online that can help you learn more about each specific product.

You will likely have an easier time finding information about high-traffic keywords through free tools than paying for them.

The importance Of Knowing your Niche

Why do you want to get into affiliate marketing?

Are you interested in natural health? 

Or maybe personal finance or home repair is more up your alley.

Identifying what it is that interests you is an important first step because affiliate marketing works best when there’s an audience that’s already looking for products or services related to a specific topic.

If, for example, you’re into martial arts, people who are also interested in self-defense will likely be on board with your efforts.

That’s why it’s important to know as much as possible about a niche before getting started – it gives you something to work with!

Choosing the Right Keywords

Choosing an effective keyword is one of key factors to success in affiliate marketing.

If you choose keywords that are too broad or too vague, you’ll lose out on a lot of potential visitors, who won’t be able to find you through their search.

So what makes a good keyword?

A good key phrase should be specific and targeted (try not to use broad phrases like car insurance or credit cards).

They should also have some commercial intent behind them—meaning they would lead someone interested in buying a car or applying for credit to become your customer.

To learn more about choosing keywords for affiliate marketing campaigns, check out our post here.

Paid Keyword Research Tools

Jaaxy and Semrush are two different paid tools that are excellent to determine which keywords will get you traffic.

They can be expensive, however.

Both programs offer free trials of three days or more.

Before you decide whether to purchase a tool, make sure it’s right for you by taking advantage of its trial period.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Get your Affiliate Marketing Keywords with Free and Paid Tools - Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool that allows you to easily figure out how to get started in affiliate marketing.

Just enter some keywords into Jaaxy, and it will create a list of related niche ideas.

You can also figure out how popular certain keywords are on Google by using their search volume feature.

Then you can take all of those ideas to find affiliate products that offer commission rates that fit within your budget.

How to use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool used by affiliate marketers worldwide to get their SEO keywords.

You can use Jaaxy in two ways:

1) You can sign up for an account or

2) Simply enter keyword and start trial here

This will put you on a free trial for 30 searches which completely FREE to find high-performing affiliate marketing keywords for any niche.

Jaaxy is a ultimate tool to find out how much traffic any niche or keyword is receiving.

You can then track that information over time, and know exactly how popular your target market is, so you can make informed decisions when developing content.

It’s a great way to ensure that you are catering to an active audience.

Jaaxy isn’t limited by country, language or keywords – you just put in a topic or niche, hit search and find out exactly what’s trending!

It also supports foreign languages!

You can also see which competitors are ranking for what terms, helping you make sure that there isn’t a better site for those search terms than yours.

Jaaxy will give you all of the data from all of its tools in one convenient place.

Amazing !

Semrush Keyword Research Tool

Get your Affiliate Marketing Keywords with Free and Paid Tools - Semrush Keyword Research Tool

The Semrush keyword research tool is an amazing tool for getting a large number of different keyword ideas.

It’s free if you just want to get basic data on certain keywords, but it’s also paid if you want to get more detailed information like search volume, competition level, etc.

If you’re starting out as an affiliate marketer then I would definitely recommend using Semrush.

You can use it for tracking what keywords you’re currently ranking for in Google or Bing and find similar terms that you may be able to rank better for.

Semrush also gives you information on your competitor’s traffic sources so that you can beat them by using different SEO strategies or just by buying better quality links.

How to use Semrush Keyword research tool

Semrush is a powerful paid keyword research tool, which allows you to quickly find low competition keywords as well as their global search volume, CPC and Adwords competition.

However, Semrush also allows you to take keyword research a step further by generating long-tail variations of each individual keyword that you’re researching.

So if you were to do keyword research for your niche site, simply enter keyword into Semrush’s Long Tail Pro feature, and it will generate a huge list of keyword phrases related to that specific topic.

You can then take those keywords and plug them directly into Jaaxy or Google’s Keyword Planner tool.

Free tool

Get your Affiliate Marketing Keywords with Free and Paid Tools - WordStream Free Keyword Research Tool

WordStream is a free, easy-to-use keyword research tool that helps marketers and business owners find the best keywords for their content.

The program is fast and efficient, with no complicated interfaces.

On top of keyword research, WordStream provides SEO services such as PPC management and extensive reports for Google Analytics, AdWords and more.


Use These Tools to find all valuable keywords in every niche which you want to promote on google or any other search engine.

Keyword research is a very important step for every affiliate marketer.

It helps you finding profitable keywords and assist you in writing successful articles, posts, press releases for promotion of affiliate offers.

Semrush is useful for people who are not able to buy Jaaxy subscription yet.

These both tools have everything what an affiliate marketer needs, making life easier so just sign up, create free account and enjoy getting benefit from it.

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