6 Best Graphic Design Affiliate Programs [Get Paid to Do What You Love]

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Graphic Design Affiliate Programs - Affiliate Recurring

6 Best Graphic Design Affiliate Programs, One of the Best Ways to Get Paid to Do What You Love


Why are affiliate programs a great way to make money?

Affiliate programs are a great way to make money because they don’t require any upfront investment and the commissions are paid out on sales.

Affiliate programs are a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to make money from home. You don’t need any upfront investment, you get paid out on sales, and you can promote products in your niche.

What is a Graphic Design Affiliate Program?

A graphic design affiliate program is a type of affiliate marketing where the affiliates promote the designer’s products and earn commissions from sales.

A graphic designer’s affiliate program is an excellent way to generate more revenue without having to spend more time on marketing.

Choosing the Best Graphic Design Affiliate Program for Your Needs

There are many reasons why you might want to be an affiliate for a graphic design company.

  • You might be an artist looking for a new way to showcase your work.
  • You might be looking for a way to make money with your hobby.
  • Or you might be a designer who wants more clients and exposure.

Whatever the reason, there are many benefits of choosing the right Graphic Design Affiliate Programs.

Choosing the best graphic design affiliate program is not as easy as it seems. There are so many options that it can quickly become overwhelming and confusing when trying to find the perfect one for you.

This article will break down what each type of program offers, so that you can decide which one is best for your needs.

1) Penji:

Penji Affiliate Program is an easy way to monetize your audience. Penji affiliate program gives you access to a wide range of services and products that you can promote in any way that suits your audience.

Many people are turning to graphic design services in order to create logos, flyers, social media posts and more. These services offer a wide variety of features, but there are few options for faster turnaround or lower prices. Penji is one of these few options. They provide graphic design services on a monthly subscription plan at low prices with quick turnarounds.

Penji is a new kind of service for designers who want to outsource their projects. Penji offers this type of service in a way that’s has never been done before, with promises to offer quality work in an affordable manner.

The more people you refer to make a purchase, the more money you can earn. Customers can make a purchase on your affiliate link at any time, and you earn commission on their purchase.

2) Designmodo:

Designmodo provides the best resources to designers, developers and entrepreneurs from around the world. Designmodo create tools, courses and other products that help people be more productive and successful.

Designmodo is the premiere website for design tools. It provides a variety of simple, straightforward tools such as landing pages, email newsletters, graphic design templates and more.

Designmodo believe that everyone is creative, and we want to make it easier for everyone to use their creativity to create new things.

3) Canva:

Canva is a graphic design and layout software designed to be easy to use. The company offers a range of templates, fonts and images that you can use in order to design and create graphics.

The platform allows you to upload your own images, customize the colors, background, layout and font while also offering an assortment of different shapes and sizes.

For those who have no experience with graphic design software, Canva allows for a quick and easy way to design a logo, flyer or poster.

The platform is easy to use, offering users the ability to create templates or upload their own image in order to start creating their graphic design project.

4) Corel:

Coreldraw is one of the best graphics design software available today. It can be used to create illustrations, logos, photo-editing, and more. Coreldraw lets you create professional-looking designs quickly with a variety of built-in tools.

5) Snappa:

Graphic designers can create their own logos, social media graphics, and other design elements in a matter of minutes with Snappa.

Snappa has everything you need to create amazing visuals—customizable templates and templates that use your company colors and fonts. You can even make your designs collaboratively with coworkers so no one gets left out of the creative process!

6) Pixlr:

Pixlr is one of the most popular photo editing tools in the world. It is a free and powerful online photo editor that can edit images and create stunning designs right in your browser, on your phone or desktop.

Pixlr is the top-rated photo editing software on the market. It has over 500 million downloads and offers a choice of different filters and effects to help you perfect your photos. With Pixlr, you can crop, resize, rotate and apply a range of filters and effects to your photos all in one place.

How Graphic Design Affiliate Programs Works?

Graphic design affiliates are people who promote the services of a graphic design company to earn commissions.

Affiliate programs can be found in many industries and they often work by paying a commission on sales that come from the affiliate’s efforts.

The process of becoming an affiliate is usually very straightforward:

1) Sign up for an account with the affiliate program

2) Create a link or banner for the service provider

3) Share this link or banner on social media, blogs, forums, etc.

4) Earn commissions when someone clicks on your link and buys something from the service provider’s website

We’re glad you asked. Here are the advantages of getting an affiliate program.

An affiliate program is a business model in which an online store pays commissions to people who refer customers to their site. It’s a way for you to make money from your website, blog or social media page by promoting other businesses.

Advantages of joining an affiliate program:

  • You get paid for doing something that you love
  • You can work from home or anywhere with internet access
  • You can work as many hours as you want
  • Corporate structure allows for maximum freedom, autonomy, and creativity

Why You Need a Graphic Design Affiliate Program For Your Blog

Bloggers are always looking for new ways to grow their blog. One of the best ways to do this is by using affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs have been around since the early days of the internet, and they continue to be one of the most popular ways for bloggers to make money.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for bloggers to earn passive income while they create content on their blogs. It’s also a great way for brands and companies to get in front of new potential customers through those same blogs.

Features of a Good Graphic Design Affiliate Programs

A good graphic design affiliate programs should have a wide range of products to offer to affiliate.

It should also have a variety of commission structures which can be customized for each affiliate’s needs. Lastly, it should have an easy-to-navigate website and user-friendly interface that is well-designed and user-friendly for both affiliates and customers alike.

Benefits of Investing in a Graphic Design Affiliate Program

Investing in a graphics design affiliate program can be a great way to increase your business’s sales.

The following are some benefits that come with investing in an online graphics marketing company.

Graphic design affiliate programs offer numerous benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. These include:

  • Increased sales
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better brand recognition


The graphic design affiliate programs are beneficial to both the designer and the affiliate. The designer gets a commission for every sale that they make and the affiliate gets a commission for every sale that they make.

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